Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

GM Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Direct mailing is alive and well. 

You’ve seen it, because it is really hard to miss. We’re talking about that big wraparound of advertisements cuddling your daily mail. The companies that invest in direct mailing advertisements do so because even though it may not seem like it with all the technological advances of today’s world, receiving tangible mail is still the highlight of most everyone’s day. Of equal importance is that it remains an easy and inexpensive way for businesses to reach potential targeted customers located in specific areas, such as close to their business. Direct mailing is not just some forgotten form of advertising; it is being utilized along with technology to create a unique and targeted marketing campaign that is preferred by 73% of consumers over other advertising methods.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You ultimately choose the route you want your advertisements to be delivered to and your potential consumers get to unwrap your marketing present day of delivery. We know what you’re thinking. Why should you invest money in direct mail marketing campaigns when you can just use the instant power of social media to target your potential customers? Well, think about it this way. Not everyone is on social media, but everybody has a mailbox.

What does Giant Marketing do that adds value to your direct mailing campaign?

With Giant Marketing, your business experience is completely customized and tailored to your needs. We start by mapping three to five miles out from your business address in order to research, analyze, and email you the recipient demographics, along with a saturation map, so that your target audience can be identified. Then, once you have determined the route you want to advertise to, we help you design the ad you want (not to mention we offer GIANT sizes if you want extra assurance that your ad won’t go unnoticed). We also keep the statistics on which businesses complement one another so that we can aim to send those advertisements out together for increased effectiveness. We even offer call tracking, where you are provided with a custom phone number to be featured on the ad, which is re-routed to your business, so that you can measure consumer response and determine whether or not your marketing campaign was successful. Moreover, if you own a small business, you might be interested in our extremely cost-effective direct mailing shared program. That’s where we get one business to take one full side of the postcard (i.e., to visualize this just take a piece of paper—that business is on one side—flip it over and you actually share the back side with anywhere from two business up to eight businesses. If you just want an eighth of a page, we can actually hit ten thousand homes in your area for only $299. A lot of business can afford $299. (ask about out Shared Card)

Will it work for your business?

There are a lot of businesses that direct mail works fantastic for, and then there are other businesses that, it just doesn’t get the word out. For example, if you are selling a product that you have to show, TV or in-store advertising may be a better option for you. Even if you already have a social media campaign, we believe that marketing works the best when integrated with other methods and mediums. Likewise, there just isn’t a guaranteed one-fits all approach to marketing that is going to work for every business.  However, the worst thing you can do for your company is to give up on marketing. Let us evaluate your unique needs and work with you in finding your most successful marketing venture.

Call us for a free consultation about how our Giant Postcards can increase your bottom line through the power of direct mail. GIANT SIZED advertising equals GIANT SIZED results!

If you have comments or questions regarding direct mailing, please share them in the section below. We love to hear from you!