GIANT Business Cards

GIANT Business Cards are designed to give your brand a special flair that will capture the eye of the prospective viewer. Your first impression on a potential client will determine their interest in working with you in the future. Your business card is what they remember you by, and what better to be known for than GIANT business? Remember the card not only provides a valuable service by providing your contact info and desired message, but it must also leave a lasting impression to the receiver of your business card so that you and your business are UNFORGETTABLE! 

We offer the premium business cards, but our very own GIANT BUSINESS CARDS are known to steal the attention and remind customers that you do GIANT business. GIANT Business Cards are currently among the top 10 most effective and most visually pleasing business cards on the market. If you want your business to be GIANT, you must start GIANT!


are the standard size (3.5 inches x 2 inches)


are the Custom Folded Business Cards (3.5 inches x 4 inches) *pre-scored to fold 2 inches X 3.5 inches



keep in mind the following information that you may want to include about yourself:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Business/Company Name
  • Office Phone Number
  • Direct Phone Number/Extension
  • Work Email Address
  • Work Slogan
  • Services/Products of your business
  • Work Logo

Send our design team all of the previous information that you would like to include, along with any images or color schemes you would like featured on your business card. Our in-house design team knows exactly what customers or potential business partners will look for, and how to make a statement with your GIANT Business Card.

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