Here are some frequently asked questions about our products and services at GIANT Marketing. If this page is unable to answer your question, feel free to email us at customerservice@giant.marketing with any questions.

What is the turn around time?
In most cases, we need to allow 2 weeks from the time the design is finalized for production, shipping, and mailing to the residences.
What is the minimum order?
As far as direct mailing goes, our minimum is 5,000 postcards. We also have other packages for marketing, social media, website management, grand opening campaigns, etc. which are based on case by case basis.
What is call tracking? How does it work?
Call tracking tracks the response rate from our postcards. We will supply you with a call tracking number that forwards to your business- any call made to this number rather than your personal line will be strictly from the postcard, being the only place this number will be advertised. Calls are recorded.. making it a great way to monitor your employees conversations and train employees on their customer service and sale skills. Once the campaign is over (60 days), your number will be given out for 30 days after. Of course, depending on which call tracking package you purchase.
Can you chose mailing routes and area to mail based on demographics?
Yes, you can select to mail to particular homes based on median income values, home values, and age. You can choose to mail to single-family homes, multifamily homes, or businesses, as well.
What is EDDM?
Every door direct mail: postcards go to every door within a route. With this option, you do not have the ability to select routes based on demographics. We design, print, and ship the postcards directly to you- then you drop them off to the post office to be sent out.
What is a Demographic Report?
A report that shows an overview of the mail routes and household information. (The demographics we listed above including: average household income, home values, and age.)
What is a Saturation Report?
This is a map shows the areas the postcards will be mailed to… usually within a particular radius around the business.
Do I need to provide my own design?
Our design team can create a design for you, or you can supply your own designs using our dimensions. When supplying your own design we will need a copy of your logo (vector), coupon offer, contact information, and anything else you would like to be seen on the ad.

*Anytime Fitness customers, we have many corporate approved templates to chose from- with the freedom to still plug in your own offers and alter text/colors/etc. We can customize the text on any proof.

How does the Shared Cards work?
Our Shared Program is designed for the advertiser that wants to stand out from the crowd, but have a limited budget. You advertise on half of the card and then help us find other local business to advertise on the other side. Once you give us a list of interested businesses, we will contact them and do the rest.