Demographic Reports

Demographic Reports will overview the mail routes and household distribution of your GIANT Postcards campaign. We can work with you to mail only the homes of your target customers.

Every client will receive a Demographic Report and Saturation Map that will overview the mail routes and household distribution of your GIANT Postcards campaign. If you need help determining the target routes for your direct mail campaign, this is the best place to start! Our representatives not only have industry experience, but also have experience mailing for businesses of every type- we know what works best! We are able to narrow out your route to customers of particular household income, average home cost, or even by age. With this option, you can easily avoid mailing to homes that will never be a customer at your business, and only mail to your business’s desired target market. These specifics are free of charge.

In addition, we can also run specialty lists. Our specialty lists will allow us to select a route that is extremely specific to your business, such as all new homeowners, or bars and pubs only, etc. Depending on your business, there are ways to target your ideal audience. (With this option, additional rates may apply.)


  • Magazine ads get lost and often overlooked in a 30-page booklet and offer no exclusivity. Why not mail out a parcel that will STAND OUT and promote only YOUR company and product?

  • Coupon packets get tossed out before the envelope is even opened, so we can teach you how to create an eye-catching ad design with a “call to action” marketing spiel to beef up your direct mail campaign.


Approximately 55% of American homes receive newspapers


75% have internet access


95% have telephones


98% have TV sets


100% have a mailbox

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