Call Tracking is a tracking system for your personal Return on Investment. This is how it works: GIANT Marketing will create all of your requested marketing tools. On each of these tools, you will have what we call a “Call Tracking Number”, which will forward to your business line. Calls from that specific number will be counted and recorded, specifying how many of your calls are resulting from the money you’ve spent on your marketing products. Clients are always pleasantly surprised by the outcome when using Call Tracking. Owners and/or managers can listen to recorded phone calls to determine if the sale was closed, or even if the employee handled the sale in an effective manner.

Why Track Your Phone Calls?

  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure
  • Call tracking automatically measures consumer response to any form of marketing
  • Call tracking objectively compares the effectiveness of each marketing source / ad campaign
  • Call tracking reveals your precise cost-per-lead by media, source, and campaign

Who Uses Call Tracking?

  • Marketing, Operations, Sales, Training, and Customer Care Professionals
  • Direct-response Advertisers
  • Many industries, including: automotive, financial, healthcare, multi-family housing, home improvement, education, manufacturing, franchise organizations, and many others
  • Magazines, newspapers, yellow page publishers, ad agencies, online listing, and directory services use call tracking as an independent auditor

Why Record Your Phone Calls?

  • There’s no better tool for improving call-handling skills.
  • Call recording lets you hear for yourself what your customers are saying
  • Call recording enables you to review how well your employees handle leads
  • Call recording empowers effective training on sales / customer service skills

How Call Tracking Works

  • Assigns a unique toll-free or local telephone number for each source of advertising or marketing campaign to be monitored
  • Automatically measures consumer response to any form of marketing

Sample of actual call tracking report


Sample of actual call tracking recording




*Use the tracking number for advertising and lead tracking, and as a training tool to develop your employees’ phone sales style and tactics with the actual recorded calls provided with the call tracking plan.  This can be a GIANT help in improving call backs and closed sales. 30 mins included per #, per min excess 0.0990

*49.95 Activation Fee | $49.00 a month  



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