GIANT Email Marketing

GIANT Email Marketing is a fast and efficient way to communicate with your current or new potential clients, and direct traffic to your business and/or website. GIANT Marketing can create customized newsletters, design and create outside-the-box email campaigns/messages, and track your progress by providing you with the OPEN and CLICK rates report.The CTOR (Click to Open Rate) will tell us how effective your email campaigns are, giving us more information about what your target client will respond to. With CTOR, clicks are recorded and then divided by the recorded opens, then expressed as a percentage. This percentage will tell you how many of the consumers who opened your email actually clicked in your email as well, say on a link or image. Of course, this percentage is a rough estimate, but in email history, there’s no better way to record the success of an email campaign. We have got your back with our GIANT Emails.

GIANT Marketing believes that more than ever there is the need to build great relationships between the consumers and businesses, and that these relationships are being built in a digital, online, and mobile world, as well as on social and email platforms.

Email marketing is still far more personal and effective than many other outlets of communicating via social networks, when it comes to making a sale. Social media is rocketing towards the top of consumer engagement as the new powerhouse in marketing and building your brand, however, the intimacy of email tops the charts in engaging communication. 

GIANT Marketing knows that different industries require different email platforms, and have more effective times to send out emails. For example, we know corporations will be reading their emails at different times than a household mother with three children. We can send out your emails with strong content, brilliant design, and even at the RIGHT time so you’ll get the largest Return on Investment possible.

We can imbed links into your GIANT emails, making it simple to navigate to your website, and each of your social media outlets. Making this easy navigation available at your customer’s fingertips will increase the amount of target clients viewing your site and subsequently giving you business.