GIANT Marketing – We Can Help You Make Your Business Giant

GIANT Marketing – We Can Help You Make Your Business Giant

With research showing that 97% of American internet users gather shopping information and make purchasing decisions online, it is not enough to simply have a website. There is no need for a website if no one gets to see it. By having your site optimized, your business will become visible to more people already seeking your products or service you are offering. Website promotion and internet marketing are redefining how your clients interact with your brand. GIANT Marketing offers proven strategies for internet marketing that, in addition to enhancing the image/brand of your business, also generates profit for you.


What We Do To Help Make Your Business Giant


Web Design and logo design

You have less than 5 seconds to capture the attention of your prospects and have them continue reading through your website. This means that your website needs to have a great first impression. Our web design services help you make a great first impression that enables you to connect quickly with your customers. Whether it is an e-commerce site that you are developing or you just want to maintain your site, you can trust GIANT Marketing to ensure you have a website that is aesthetically appealing to users.

Engaging Social Media marketing

Today’s crop of clients interacts differently with brands than they did before. Social media channels like Twitter and Facebook offer a great opportunity for you to catch up and engage with your clients. GIANT Marketing has a team of experts who will work across all the main social media channels to help your business gain more organic traction especially in the area of local search. Through Twitter and Facebook, you can communicate important messages to your clients like a new product launch among other things. They also offer the perfect place to listen to what your clients are saying.

SEO Services

Users of the internet are increasingly relying on search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google to search for local products and services. We have a proven track record of positioning our clients’ websites at the top of the search engines so that customers can easily find your business and products and click on them. This way, you get more prospects and more business and eventually more profit.

Email marketing

We have the tools to help you create as well as customize email newsletters that you can then send out to potential clients in your email list. We also have tools to track your campaigns so that you can adjust next sends according to detailed reports. GIANT Email Marketing is a fast and efficient way to communicate with your current or new potential clients, and direct traffic to your business and/or website.

Call tracking


With GIANT Marketing, you will be able to get basic call tracking services up and running and a customized solutions for your business. GIANT Marketing will assigns a unique toll-free or local telephone number for each source of advertising or marketing campaign to be monitored.

Print marketing

We have lots of print marketing tools to make your business stand out. These include custom-made printed flyers, postcards, sell sheets, posters, forms, menus, rack cards, and newsletters among other things. Also, we work with Xerox-certified associates who ensure that your colors are very vibrant irrespective of whether your print marketing materials are printed at our facilities or in a store.

Why Choose Us

  • Proven Track Record

For over 10 years, we have been helping companies improve web traffic and grow their revenues. We have won numerous awards in recognition to our outstanding service delivery. We have a ONLINE MARKETING team that is nimble and also efficient. This enables us to keep prices low and provide customized and affordable services.

  • Personalized SEO Solutions for All

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all SEO solution but we offer a  customized solution according to the unique needs of our clients. We appreciate the fact that every business is different and so different businesses require different approaches to search engine optimization. You can be sure to receive an SEO strategy that is tailor-made to your business. This ensures that your site can get more traffic quickly and also affordable.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

We know that we are nothing without our esteemed customers and this is what makes us passionate about helping them. Our team is dedicated to our clients and offer first class service. You will be guided on each step along the way by our project managers.

Call us today

If you are looking for a client-centered approach that will put you first, then you need to stop looking because you have found us. Your business certainly has goals and we can help you achieve them. Whether you want to improve your traffic, higher conversion rates or you want better search engine rankings, you can trust GIANT Marketing team of experts to help you achieve them with our print or online marketing solutions.

3 Simple Ways to Find Content for Your Social Platforms

In the world of social their is a plethora of content, some good and some bad. Today, we bring to you 3 simple ways to find content for your social platforms online!

With a lot of content being readily available  it is very easy to get your hands on content that will be of more harm than good to your brand so be careful. Time is money, and finding good content takes time. So how do you maximize your productivity by finding great content?

Our team at #GIANT Marketing has formulated some information to help you find solid content and get you on the right track to becoming a GIANT on social. Here are three tools that can help kickstart your content curation:


Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to find good content online. If you are active online try searching for many of the has tags that are similar to your brand. The more you search, the more chances you will likely have in finding great content. Don’t forget to use the right hashtag that is targeted towards a group of people in which you would like to attract or engage with. Identifying the right #hashtags is critical when it comes to social monitoring and engagement. This allows us to find the conversations where our target audience hangs out. With using a hashtag, you can start to build a relationship that could possibly lead to a solid connection even maybe a future business transaction.


Google Alerts is another one of the most effective places to acquire great and relevant content for your social media marketing campaign. Google Alerts notifies you of your important keywords, while allows you manage your social media platform content and blog subscriptions well.

As we stated in our previous blog: Why Google is the future of Social, “we are putting ourselves in the majority with having roughly 65% of all the United States queries.”

You can also get email notifications any time that Google finds new results on a topic you’re interested in. For example, you could get updates about a sports team, products you like, find out when people post content about you on the web, or keep up with news stories. The possibilities are endless with Google.


If you’re conducting social media marketing for your brand, having a lot of accounts can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why you’ll need an effective social media management system, and this is where HootSuite comes in. It allows you to manage multiple social media profiles, letting be up-to-date with all your connections without the need to open a lot of platforms/browsers.  Hootsuite Pro also provides an auto-schedule feature along with content curation feature which allows you to instantly automate content to upload on any platform of your choice.

If you know where to find great content, it will give you an insight of what matters most to your social media connection. In turn, you will also know which content to share. Social media is one of the channels where content curation is key to staying relevant to your followers and growing your following. Use these three avenues and tools to find great content and become GIANT!


Which Social Media Platforms Should You Promote On Your Business Card?

Your business card is your tangible, physical connectivity portal to the world. It tells customers and other contacts how to get in touch with you, but it can also be a powerful marketing tool that fuels digital traffic to your online platforms.

In today’s social society, it’s a great idea to promote your social media profiles on your business card. Although it is a beneficial form of plugging your online networks, the plethora of social media platforms combined with limited space can leave you wondering which social media platform to promote.

Our team at #GIANTmarketing came up with some information to will help you answer that question, to be able to use your business card to facilitate online traffic to your brand. We don’t know which networks necessarily pertain to your business  but we do know what guidelines to use to help us decipher any questions or concerns regarding what content to include into a business card. If you need some assistance in knowing which ones to include contact one of our professionals TODAY!

Consider the following tips on how to make an effective business card and which profiles should be uploaded to your biz card:

  • Overloading your business cards with multiple social media profiles leaves space only for logos, not URLs or even QR codes. Potential consumers will be overwhelmed with all of the information and look somewhere else , so be cautious.
  • Promoting multiple social media profiles more than FIVE on your business card dilutes your overall efforts; it’s far better to promote just a few and then use those as a springboard to your other social media profiles, if needed
  • You should heavily promote the social media profile(s) that’s most relevant to your company and customer base, and the relationship you share.
  • Finally, business cards have limited space; the more clutter, the less effective they are
  • Promote your website and use that as a central hub to send consumers from the site to all other social media services.

We hope that this can help you when formatting your business card!

Did you know we print business cards? Contact us today for a FREE estimate! 🙂


Best Times to Post on Major Social Media Platforms

Everyone has their own idea of when prime time posting is, at #GIANTmarketing our favorite is the #GIANTEffect. We decided to try and formulate some research to bring you some data to use to your advantage online.

So with that being said, get their attention early in the morning between 7:30 and 10am during the commute, during lunch between 12:30 and 2:30pm, or evening rush hour between 5:30 and 6:30pm. These times and data  have been proven by statistics, by not just us but many industry professionals:

  • Twitter  1-3pm weekdays
  • Facebook  1-4pm and 2-5pm weekdays toward end of week.
  • LinkedIn 7-8:30am and 5-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Tumblr   7-10pm weekdays and 4pm on Fridays
  • Instagram  5-6pm weekdays and 8pm on Wednesdays with a sweet-spot at 6pm
  • Pinterest  2-4pm and 8-11pm weekdays with weekends being the best
  • Google+  9-11am weekdays

Of course times vary depending on the type of social media, business, who your audience is, timezones, and your own schedule so don’t think these times are set in stone. Let us know what times you found works for you in the comments below!


Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Audience in a GIANT Way

We all know that larger amounts of Twitter followers increases your search engine stats but did you know that followers have a proportional impact on how far and wide your message projects to the world?

With many research-backed methods for growing your Twitter followers we came across these 8 simple and effective tips to gain more followers and project further to your audience.

Here are the Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Audience:

  1. Post great content
  2. Use hash-tags
  3. Place a widget on
  4. Engage with others
  5. Make sure your content is shareable
  6. Reach out to influencers
  7. Stay active
  8. Follow other users


How to Increase Sales Through Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a tool of the past, present and future. We are able to connect with communities from all over the globe through the touch of a finger and at a blink memory is processed through our brains. Through social media and technology the possibilities are endless in connecting. Not just in America but the majority of the world uses some sort of social media platform. Not just in connecting with friends and family, social media has become a very effective way to increase your business. From Facebook to Twitter to even the growing video media platform vine, social media can help you expand your business and gain new customers.

Now you ask, how can i actually increase sales for my brand or business? Well we can help assist you in those areas. 

Social media marketing can be a great way to market your business, but ONLY if your target market is actively using social media. Remaining active will not increase sales if your target is spending their time in other places. Each social media platform has a different demographic and target audience. Whatever your target audience age demographic might be, find it and compare it to the ages which use those social media platforms. Once you have matched those age demographics of those platforms and your business, become more active on the ones in which match. Be present and active on all but more active on the ones in which your consumer base is similar to.

Another way to increases sales through social media is offering discounts and promotions on your product(s).

Depending on the business, determine what kind of content you want to be sharing through your social media. You can post about special offers, new products, or any company news to those who #follow you. You want to give them content that they will be interested in, otherwise there’s no reason for customers to follow you. Your goal is to connect and build relationships. Consumers want to feel comfortable with your brand, make sure your it relates to them, and that it is one they can trust. We hope this helps you and your business in growing and we would love to help assist you in those efforts!

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#GiantMarketing 🙂